Career Coaching

The willingness to change and adapt is critical to a person’s career and life success. However, as I well know from my own career evolution, the transition itself can feel murky, overwhelming, and downright scary, particularly if outside factors are causing it. My coaching provides clients with a safe, supportive environment for exploring their career and employment options. Through targeted questions and skillful listening, I help clients focus on the most essential aspects of their situation and develop a plan of action. I provide guidance, encouragement, and a sounding board as they go through the process, gain clarity about their goals, and build their confidence and skills. My services include:

  • Identifying Transferable Skills
  • Networking & Information Interviews
  • Reviewing Résumés & Cover Letters
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Preparing for Interviews & Following Up
  • Negotiating Compensation
  • Ongoing Coaching Support

My career coaching practice is focused on nonprofit professionals as well as corporate and government executives looking to move from the for-profit world to the nonprofit sector.