Development Consulting

I am constantly inspired by the vision, hard work, and dedication of my clients, as they strive to make the world a better place. I am passionate about enabling them to reach their goals and carry out their missions, particularly during times of transition, and about supporting them in “making their case” and helping them to shine in the eyes of their various stakeholders. My development consulting services include:

Interim Director of Development Engagements

When a senior development staff vacancy occurs, either because an employee has left permanently or is out on parental or medical leave, it can be challenging and stressful for remaining staff to assume additional responsibilities. Income, productivity, and morale can all suffer as a result. As an Interim Director, I enable nonprofits to temporarily plug a staffing hole and keep fundraising efforts on track. By providing strategic counsel as well as hands-on support, I can prepare senior executives for a board meeting, partner with program staff to craft a funding proposal, and provide guidance and coaching to the staff. I can also orient the new Director so she or he can hit the ground running.

Board Development & Retreat Facilitation

A nonprofit organization is only as effective as its board, and it is critical that Trustees be given the tools, training, and support needed to successfully fulfill their roles as stewards of the organization. At the same time, it can be challenging for development staff to juggle this as well as all their myriad other competing responsibilities. To support their collective efforts, I partner with boards and staff to develop and facilitate customized training and orientation sessions that will further engage Trustees with an organization’s mission, goals, and programs. In addition, I plan and facilitate retreats to provide an opportunity for board and staff to take stock of their progress and chart a course for the future.

Photo credit: © Emerson Chen Photography